Welcome to Nerdy Kat, author! I’m Marci Clark, and I’m here to make your writing life easier! Over my years working in publishing, I’ve worked as an author, editor, designer, and acquisitions editor. Not only do I provide the services you need, but I’m working on a course to teach you those services so you can finally take control of your writing career and really understand what you need to know to be successful.
The technical stuff: I earned my MS in publishing from University of Houston-Victoria. I also have a BA in journalism and a BA in public relations. (That’s called overachieving and it’s one of my better talents.) I’ve been a freelance editor for Kensington Publishing’s Lyrical Press since 2012 and have an extensive client base of freelance authors, as well as mentored and taught online writing courses. I am a multi-published author, freelance writer, and book/cover designer and have completed over 100 projects for traditional and indie houses, as well as freelance clients. I’m working on mastering script writing, as well. (That overachieving thing.) Bottom line: I am qualified to help you. Really.